#BlackoutTuesday – Time to Listen

Today our social media is filled with black circles, black squares, and mentions of Black Lives Matter and #blackouttuesday. Some brands such as Apple (Apple Music) have made the day about celebrating some of the influential black voices in our society. But too many are still debating the protests in the United States and around the world and applying their own life lens to the stories that are playing out.

I am a white man. I grew up with white privilege. I didn’t realize the extent of that privilege until far too late in my life, and likely I still don’t truly understand the extent of it.

I am heartbroken for the people around the world who have been oppressed. For the millions of black Americans and Canadians who don’t feel safe in their own neighbourhoods. For anyone who has had to grow up in a system that is built to hold them down.

But I can’t possibly understand the extent of that impact on your life.

So today I will post this one thing. And I ask that anyone who has a story to share that will help us understand the impact of racism on your life or who has a suggestion that can help those of us who want to be your ally through this to share your story.

Share in the comments on this post. Share in the comments on LinkedIn or Facebook. Share a reply on Twitter.

Today I want to hear your stories. I want to learn from you. I want to understand how I can help.

I stand with you.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackoutTuesday #MyStoryOfOppression

PS. Any and all replies of “#AllLivesMatter” or similar which criticize any story or the intent of this message will be removed and deleted. Today is a day to listen, not speak.

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