Business Management

Scaling your business is hard, and we're here to help. Our expertise in lean business process improvement and technology enablement can unlock profitability and set you up for success.

Technology Development

With over 25 years of enterprise software development and implementation experience, our team can deliver complex solutions for your business, from simple spreadsheets to industry ERP implementation

Strategic Innovation Services
Innovation That Drives Results

Our proven Strategic Innovation Services platform helps unlock potential within your company, building a pipeline or new products and services and improving customer journeys and experiences

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Business Consulting

Lean process improvement and technology enablement to improve profitability and scale your operations.

Technology Solutions

From simple spreadsheet solutions to custom software platforms to full integrated industry solution implementation.

Strategic Innovation Services

Our innovation platform unlocks innovation inside your company to build a pipeline of new ideas and a process for execution.

Recent Posts

Coming Up For Air
It’s been a minute. I can’t believe it’s almost 4 years since I took the time to write. I can’t even put my finger on why I stopped. Probably something else I can attribute to the pandemic. Or laziness. Or maybe just a general lack of self-care. But I can tell you… I’ve missed it. […]
#BlackoutTuesday – Time to Listen
Today our social media is filled with black circles, black squares, and mentions of Black Lives Matter and #blackouttuesday. Some brands such as Apple (Apple Music) have made the day about celebrating some of the influential black voices in our society. But too many are still debating the protests in the United States and around the world and applying their own life lens to the stories that are playing out.
I Don’t Know… But Let’s Figure It Out!
If there ever was a time for leaders to realize the power of “I Don’t Know” it would have to be during a global pandemic! So often leaders believe they have to be the ones with the answers, but the reality is actually very different. Your team isn’t looking for you to have all the […]
The Great Coming Together (or why I’m a proud Canadian)
The past four weeks have been incredible on so many levels. The world has effectively shut down the global economy. Travel has stopped. People around the world are staying indoors and social distancing. Thousands and thousands of people are dying. The news is filled with sad stories, big numbers, graphs, and doom and gloom. But […]
Leadership in a time of Crisis
I had a family vacation planned for March break 2020 to Florida. It was a Christmas gift to my children from their grandparents and they were excited. A day at Disney World, a day at the Kennedy Space Center, and maybe even some fishing in the Gulf! And then the world changed… and we adapted. […]
Cultural Diversity and Leadership
There is virtually no industry today that hasn’t experienced a massive global shift over the past 15-20 years. Our teams are global, even if they aren’t located in different locations around the world. Our leadership style also has to change to support this cultural diversity. Related posts: The Offshoring Leadership Dilemma Never Turn Your Back […]

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