About Us

Succeed Sooner is a technology and innovation-focused consulting firm serving the Niagara Region of Ontario. We blend traditional consulting approaches with a “roll up our sleeves” philosophy to help you optimize and scale your business, implement or develop technology solutions, and build innovation programs that drive results.

Our leadership team has spend decades leading business and technology programs across industries such as aerospace and merchandising manufacturing, supply chain management, retail, business services, and financial services and banking. While our technology solutions are often our differentiator, our real value comes in understanding the needs of your business. There is no “one size fits all” in business, and our personalized approach means you can trust Succeed Sooner to deliver results that are relevant to your priorities.

We are different than other consultants and agencies:

    We focus on the operations, efficiency, and technology that drives your company.
    We have decades of proven experience delivering complex technology, process improvement, digital experience, lean process improvement, and innovation programs in companies of all sizes.
    Our work is designed to simplify complexity in your business whether that is through process simplification, development of systems and controls, or implementation of technology tools.
    We have worked with companies ranging from sole proprietor single operators to multi-national operations with tens of thousands of employees, so we can bring best practices and then scale them to fit your current size.
    All of our engagements are led by seasoned practitioners with proven backgrounds and experience. We only hire and partner with all-star authentic leaders who are committed to delivering results.

We believe in leveraging a “learning” approach to strategy and innovation, recognizing that as the speed of business accelerates, it is virtually impossible to have the right answers at the start of an initiative. We specialize in tackling the big issues and challenges that don’t fit in a traditional project bucket. One of our favourite quotes is from design firm IDEO (which is actually where we found our name):

Fail early and often in to SUCCEED SOONER


IDEO and their founders David and Tom Kelley pioneered the approach of Design Thinking which we use frequently in our engagements. Design thinking allows us to reframe the big hairy problems to better understand the current situation, the possibilities, the potential, and the real opportunities that create the challenge. We are experts in leading your team in the design thinking process, in teaching you the tools you need to build design thinking into your organization and your culture, and specialists in leading the transformational change that is possible when you start to innovate and optimize your company.


Working with Succeed Sooner you can expect to:

  • LEARN design thinking approaches and tools
  • EXPAND your thinking to include new tools and lenses for decision making
  • SOLVE real problems that you are facing today in your business
  • GROW the capabilities of your team and your business through new opportunities
  • IMPROVE your visibility into the future by structuring your strategic and innovative portfolio
  • DELIVER more profits, more revenue, and more future opportunity than ever before

If you’ve got a business challenge you’re struggling with, we would love to help. Contact us today and let’s talk about what’s keeping you up at night.