The Millennial Challenge

Last week I was at the Niagara Economic Summit where they tackled some issues related to employment in the Niagara Region including a power talk on the topic of millennials. The millennial discussion was led by a panel of millennial speakers including Chris Sinclair, Julie Rorison, Allie Hughes, Alyssa Lai, Stephanie Harper, and Stephen Murdoch. […]


Tips to be a more effective Networker

As small business owners, one of the key sources of new business will be your network.  That means that the more effective you are at the art of networking, the more likely you are to generate quality leads and increase your business and professional footprint.  For those seeking new employment, the principles are the same […]


Great Business Books for Small Business

I’ve been known for some time as a voracious reader and I’m often asked for recommendations of good books for specific situations.  I promised in an entry earlier this month that I would list some of my favourites, so that’s what today is all about. This list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it […]