Scaling to Differentiation

I recently wrote about the importance of “Framework Thinking” as a way to simplify how you look at problems, structures, and processes so I thought I would extend that thinking as an example of how you can think about how you organize your business structure. Scaling an organization requires an evolution of maturity in your […]


ROI Comes From Customer Value Creation

I read a post the other day looking at the ROI (Return On Investment) in immediate payment systems (banking speak for instant payments) and one particular statement made by the author made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. In fact, the real driver may not be the ROI but just keeping […]


Building a Full Stack Strategy

This is a presentation I did for the Bank IT Conference earlier this year on my “Multi-Dimensional Strategy Cube” approach to integrating strategic planning across an organization. If you’re interested in more details or how this may apply within your business please contact me today.

warrior’s loneliness

Connecting Strategy and Execution

I will be speaking next week at the Bank-IT Conference on the topic of “Building a Full Stack Strategy: Integrating Strategy from Business Vision to Tech Execution” so I felt that I would share some of my thinking more broadly here. While my discussion next week is focused on the Technology area, connecting strategy to […]