Start With Why and Remember It

Simon Sinek started the Start With Why movement with his incredible TED Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action“. Every once in a while I see a great example of why “the why” is so critical. Today I came across one of those examples that I felt compelled to write about in an article “What Happened […]


Leading to Outcomes

One of the more successful strategies I have seen managers take in their organizations has been shifting their focus from managing the process to leading to outcomes. In the age of employee empowerment, one of the best ways to allow your team to feel like they have a say in the work is to allow […]


Emotion Leads to Action

I joined a group of Niagara professionals at IdeaShare yesterday for breakfast and met some very inspiring entrepreneurs who had some great stories to share. The IdeaShare concept is essentially a Mastermind group (think Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich) where a group of business leaders and entrepreneurs get together to discuss issues that are […]


Build a Strong Foundation for Innovation

Those of you who know me won’t be shocked by the fact that I have a serious passion for innovation. I believe you always need to be constantly pushing your organization (and your life) forward. You need to focus on reinventing what you do and how you do it as often as possible to drive […]