Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity and Leadership

There is virtually no industry today that hasn’t experienced a massive global shift over the past 15-20 years. Our teams are global, even if they aren’t located in different locations around the world. Our leadership style also has to change to support this cultural diversity.


Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean

There is an old Hawaiian proverb that says “Never Turn Your Back On The Ocean”.  The people of Hawaii have a tremendous respect for the Ocean and it’s beauty, but also for it’s tremendous power.   One minute you may be relaxing in the sun enjoying the sun and surf, and in the next moment […]


The Offshoring Leadership Dilemma

In a world that has gone mad for productivity in service-based industries, we are seeing more and more repeatable operations jobs either automated or sent to low cost service centres like India.  Now, as those low cost centres continue to grow and develop the capabilities of their workforce we are seeing more and more movement […]