Diversity: The Art of Thinking Independently Together

The word “diversity” is thrown around in corporate circles on a regular basis, but like many such common corporate words (like “innovation”, “synergy”, “culture”, or “strategy”) the word itself doesn’t carry a common meaning and so it loses a great deal of its power. Sometimes people mean diversity in terms of race, heritage, or origin. […]


Emotion Leads to Action

I joined a group of Niagara professionals at IdeaShare yesterday for breakfast and met some very inspiring entrepreneurs who had some great stories to share. The IdeaShare concept is essentially a Mastermind group (think Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich) where a group of business leaders and entrepreneurs get together to discuss issues that are […]

These Truths We Hold Self Evident

At one time or another we all suffer from a form of blindness. We are not blind in a physical visual way, but rather in our ability to step back and see the bigger picture. We are comfortable and confident in our own perception of things based on what we have experienced or heard that […]