Be Willing to Change – Change is Power

Last week I was in the car driving and listening to the Jeff Blair Show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan. While discussing the pitching situation with the Toronto Blue Jays he said something that really stuck out to me. Jeff had recently changed his position on whether pitcher Aaron Sanchez should move to the bullpen and he was […]

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Connecting Strategy and Execution

I will be speaking next week at the Bank-IT Conference on the topic of “Building a Full Stack Strategy: Integrating Strategy from Business Vision to Tech Execution” so I felt that I would share some of my thinking more broadly here. While my discussion next week is focused on the Technology area, connecting strategy to […]


Stop Firefighting

As traditional organizations look to address the new competition and rapidly increasing pace of change in today’s competitive marketplace I see some fascinating struggles. Traditional markets are seeing unprecedented changes in their customer’s expectations. New competitors who are chipping away at their traditional profit centres. There are even changes in the employee base with the […]


Who Are You?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I define myself as a person. What parts of my life define who I am and if I’m asked what would I consider the most important things to communicate about who I am? What I’ve found is that by taking a good long look at all of […]

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Take Chances When Opportunity Strikes

I’ve recently had new opportunities present itself on multiple fronts in my life both personally and professionally. Those opportunities couldn’t be different from one another in their context, but upon reflection I think my potential success in both cases is very similar. The key to my success will be a willingness to take chances when […]


This Makes You… Think?

I came across this graffiti painted on the back wall of a building at Yonge and Greenfield in Toronto and I was drawn to it instantly.  Most tagging mostly makes me angry at the gall of people who violate the property rights of others, but this one was different – it had a message. If […]