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Our Innovation Specialists will help you to grow your business through a successful Innovation program.
Succeed Sooner Innovation Consulting
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Succeed Sooner Innovation Consulting
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Succeed Sooner is a leadership focused consulting firm focused on the practices of Strategic Planning, Strategic Innovation, and Leadership Development and Management. We blend traditional consulting approaches with an execution based “roll up our sleeves” philosophy to help you build innovation, strategic planning, leadership, and sound management fundamentals into your business. We believe in building your top line growth through a focus on value innovation by identifying new market opportunities, new product and service opportunities, and new business opportunities. We believe in driving your bottom line profits and productivity through a focus on internal innovation and the organizational hierarchy of needs by driving to continuous improvement in processes, solid financial and business processes, and strong measurements and decision frameworks.

We are different than other consultants and agencies:

  • FOCUS – we are specialists in Strategic Innovation and the services that surround it:
    • Innovation Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Leadership Development for Innovative Cultures
    • Management Services for Innovation and Transformation
  • EXPERIENCE – we have implemented strategic and innovation management programs at companies of all sizes ranging from small local manufacturers to large multi-national banks. For almost 20 years our leadership have been recognized thought leaders and practitioners in innovation, strategic planning, and leadership development.
  • VALUE FOCUS – we are not marketing or sales leaders who will help you define your next “campaign”. We are focused on enabling the value in your existing products and services, extending your offerings to areas where your customers will see new value, and on finding those market spaces where you can dominate and monetize your capabilities in new ways.
  • LOCAL KNOWLEDGE – not all Region’s do business in the same way. We only provide our services in areas where we have first-hand knowledge of the local business landscape and economy. We bring our local knowledge to bear to help you build a winning strategy that leverages your local advantages to win in a global marketplace.
  • LEADERSHIP – all of our engagements are led by seasoned practitioners with proven backgrounds and experience. We only hire and partner with all-star leaders who are committed to delivering results.

We believe in leveraging a “learning” approach to innovation and strategy, recognizing that as the speed of business accelerates it is virtually impossible to be prepared with all the right answers at the outset of an initiative. We specialize in tackling the “big” issues and challenges that don’t fit in a traditional “project” bucket.

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