Emotion Leads to Action

I joined a group of Niagara professionals at IdeaShare yesterday for breakfast and met some very inspiring entrepreneurs who had some great stories to share. The IdeaShare concept is essentially a Mastermind group (think Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich) where a group of business leaders and entrepreneurs get together to discuss issues that are […]


Unleashing Authenticity

I watched an incredible TED Talk this morning from Caroline Casey that had an extraordinary effect on me. I’m fairly sure I got a few looks on the GO Train as I alternated between wiping tears from my eyes to chuckling out loud, but the message struck a core nerve for me. I won’t spoil […]


The 20 Most-Watched TED Talks To Date

TED.com has posted a list of the 20 Most-Watched TED Talks to date.  From their site (and for those that don’t already know what TED is): TED is dedicated to ideas worth spreading. And that leaves many wondering exactly which ideas have been spread the most widely in the six years that TEDTalks videos have […]

Margaret Heffernan

Dare to Disagree

After a discussion with a colleague yesterday on the topic of politics and the power of disagreement and free voices he referred me to a great recent TED talk from Margaret Heffernan called Dare to Disagree (below).  This is exactly the sentiment I was trying to convey in my post yesterday on Walking the Fence. […]