The Importance of Book Ends

Take a look at your book shelf.  You might have a nice built-in bookcase, an IKEA Billy case, or perhaps an open shelf on the wall, but any of them will do.  Now imagine that your book shelf didn’t have any sides or book ends… how easy do you think it would be to keep your library […]


Great Tips from Mike Splinter

I was reading the current issue of Fortune Magazine and there is a regular section in the Technology pages called ‘The Best Advice I Ever Got‘.  This week I particularly enjoyed the tips that were shared by Mike Splinter, CEO of Applied Materials (NASDAQ:AMAT) in California.  In my opinion he has really hit the nail on the head in terms of some […]


Intelligent Perseverance Yields Results

In my last entry I talked about some of the key traits that an Entrepreneur needs to have, one of which was an ability to ‘relish the door slam’.  Ironically shortly after I wrote that entry I received this week’s Harvey Mackay column (highly recommended) that spoke about perseverance in tough times. While Harvey was speaking in general about […]