Great Business Books for Small Business

I’ve been known for some time as a voracious reader and I’m often asked for recommendations of good books for specific situations.  I promised in an entry earlier this month that I would list some of my favourites, so that’s what today is all about. This list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it […]


It’s All In The Follow Through

It’s been said many times that follow up is key to success, but I would suggest that it goes deeper than just a simple follow-up if you want to dominate in your field. Just like a good golf swing, the best hitters in baseball, and a great slapshot, the key to exceeding the expectations of […]


Intelligent Perseverance Yields Results

In my last entry I talked about some of the key traits that an Entrepreneur needs to have, one of which was an ability to ‘relish the door slam’.  Ironically shortly after I wrote that entry I received this week’s Harvey Mackay column (highly recommended) that spoke about perseverance in tough times. While Harvey was speaking in general about […]