When is the last time you thought about your company website?

Your customers want to connect with you in more ways than ever before. Are you ready for them?

We know that most of our customers don’t have the time to manage all of the new digital channels to make dealing with your customers easy. So we make it easy for you by managing your online presence for you.

Web Development and Online Management

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive online strategy that includes:

  • Website and Mobile Site to enable customer access from anywhere
  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others depending on your business need
  • Online listing management on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc to ensure accurate and maintained information for your customers
  • eCommerce and online sales of your products and services
  • Digital content curation and development for blogs and social feeds
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive organic traffic to your business
  • Integration to your internal systems such as point of sale, loyalty programs, and physical customer experience
  • Inbound and Outbound marketing including email newsletters, customer tracking, and lead generation

Connect With Your Customers Online, On Mobile, and Everywhere

Your customers want to be able to find you wherever they are. You need to be able to be found online from any device and in all channels to build a strong relationship with your customers. Our specialists can help you build your online strategy, develop an attractive and search engine optimized (SEO) website, build a mobile online presence, and build and manage your social media presence so your customers always stay engaged.

Don’t let your business get lost on-line. Let the team at Succeed Sooner help you to build a strong and integrated online relationship with your customers today.

Smart Niagara Home Automation
Smart Niagara is a new home automation (smart home) company based in the Niagara Region who offer full home automation solutions both through their full-service installation service as well as via online purchase on their web store. We developed their entire presence including logo design, imaging and brand development, website, and web store to get them started.Their site offers information about various home automation technologies, custom blog posts with product reviews and DIY projects, and a full web store which is powered by the Amazon Canada affiliate program. Unlike many affiliate stores, however, we built the Smart Niagara web store to allow shoppers to build their shopping cart as they browse the site including direct product links from blog posts and pages, and then only proceed to Amazon for their checkout and shipping fulfilment.
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Succeed Sooner Consulting
While we recognize this is tooting our own horn, the Succeed Sooner Consulting site has gone through many iterations and currently provides a wealth of free resources through our Blog and Resources pages, allows instant chat with our consultants through a pop up chat interface, integrates seamlessly with our CRM for inbound lead generation, and much more. In addition, our strong SEO work and social strategy has quadrupled our daily traffic, driving significant new leads on a daily basis.
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Fynn’s of Temple Bar
Fynn's of Temple Bar is an Irish Pub located in the trendy King St. West area of Toronto. Included in this website is a full menu management solution, events calendar, and reservations system. Customers can quickly find information on food and drink options, weekly specials, special events, and make reservations directly on the site from any type of device. In addition, each section of the site is designed to integrate to Google's card system so quick links are available from search results to go directly to menus, events, and reservations.
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DGC Entertainment
DGC Entertainment is a hospitality management company that owns and operates multiple bar and restaurant concepts in Ontario and provides hospitality management services for events and restaurant and bar operators throughout Canada and the United States. This site is primarily a simple corporate site with service information and simple communication options for visitors to quickly get in touch with the right area of the company.
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The Central Group Innovation Portal
The Central Group is a Performance at Retail company and they have a dedicated team of internal Innovation experts working to transform the retail experience. After building their internal Innovation practice, Central built a strong network of partners which included Universities, Regional Innovation Centres, Incubators, and innovative solution providers from across North America to collaborate with them around retail innovation projects. The Central Innovation Portal was built to provide the broad membership access to posts on innovation topics and retail trends, discussion boards for collaboration around projects and ideas, and one-to-one communication between members of the Innovation team and partner network.
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Cottage Barge Inc.
Cottage Barge Inc is an operator of barge and scow services in Huntsville, Ontario and the surrounding area. Their services include support for moving and construction for cottages in Muskoka which are not accessible except from the water. We led with strong brand design, SEO work and integration to Google Places, and the site has become a strong lead generation tool for them, generating significant business over their first two seasons of operation.
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