Sharing our templates and tools for free gives you the opportunity to explore our approaches for yourself and we believe that knowledge shared is knowledge created. We are always happy to help with the use of our tools in your organization if you need further assistance in implementing our ideas, but we are just as happy if you are able to take the tools and templates provided here to create growth in your organization yourself! Please share with us your stories of how you have used these tools, your successes, and how we might improve the tools based on your own use.

Empathy Mapping Guide and Template:

Leverage our simple Empathy Mapping template and user guide to start using Empathy Mapping in your innovation, design, or marketing initiative as a way to gain insights into your target market or user segment. The same tool can also be used in any other human interactions such as planning for an important meeting or speaking engagement, story development for internal pitches, or even preparing for a job interview. The more you use the Empathy Mapping tool the more places you will see the potential for it in your interactions with others.


Business Model Canvas Template:

Innovating the Business Model of your industry is one of the most disruptive approaches you can take to driving change and looking to the future. This is a more advanced approach to innovation which we will often use to explore the “what’s possible” realm of growth for your business. If you feel like your industry is changing and you’re not sure where it is going, or conversely if you feel like your industry hasn’t changed in years then it is worth doing some exploratory work on Business Model possibilities using this approach.



Personal Planning Worksheet:

Setting long term goals and driving personal accountability is one of the keys to personal success. We built this personal planning worksheet several years ago as a way to think about your New Year Goal Setting (outlined in our blog) and we still believe it is a great tool for anyone who is looking to drive themselves toward success. Take the time to fill it in and then revisit your plan on a regular basis to “check in” on your progress and update any new goals or changes.