Karma Is A Beaut!


How many times have you heard someone in a moment of anger or frustration say “Karma’s a bitch!” We are conditioned to think of karma in this way – something to be feared or an invisible hand of retribution that somehow will be used by the universe to smite those who have wronged us.

But how often have you considered the other side of karma – the positive returns that come from our own behaviours? It’s not that we are doing good things for people for the recognition or accolades, but do you actually take the time to hear the positive messages and energy when they return to you or those you love from your good acts?

Perhaps this popped to mind today because it is my 40th birthday and I have had the great privilege to receive birthday words from my friends and acquaintances through various forms of social media. But it’s not really the numerous posts to my timeline with one line birthday greetings that made me realize how much positivity returns to me, it was the thoughtful messages that the world can’t see sent via private message, email, text, and even a couple of written letters.

I had old friends write who I hadn’t seen or heard from in years wishing me and my family well including a special memory they had from good times past. I had former classmates write offering their thanks for some advice or help from something long ago that they felt had had a significant impact on their careers. I had former colleagues write offering their thanks for the support and mentoring I provided when I worked with them.

It would have been easier to simply take Facebook’s prompt and write me a one liner on my timeline (which I do appreciate as well) but they decided to go an extra step and send back some positive energy, completing the karma circle from something they remembered me doing for them.

I can tell you as I think back over 40 years there are so many people who have helped lead me and guide me to where I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. I’m also very happy to have a day like today where I can be reminded that I am continuing that positive karma circle based on the thanks and memories received.

Thank you all!

Karma isn’t a bitch – it’s a beaut!

About Tim Empringham, MBA
Tim Empringham is a passionate advocate for Innovation in organizations of all sizes as a mechanism to drive growth, create uncontested market space, create new customer value, and drive efficiency into the internal organization. His focus is on disruption of thinking and markets through integrative thinking, structured Innovation frameworks, and leadership development of Innovation and Change leaders within the organization.

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