Leadership and Innovation Coaching

If you are looking to improve your own skills in the leadership and innovation arenas to help drive more value into your organization or career our team of experts are available to support you. We offer virtual coaching to individuals around the world and in person coaching sessions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We will work with you on an initial consultation to better understand your style and needs to ensure that we fit you with a coach who has the experiences you are seeking and a complimentary coaching style. After that you can book coaching sessions as often as you wish to support your learning and growth.

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Strategic Innovation Services

Strategic planning and Innovation don’t happen by accident, they require careful thought, planning, and execution to bring value to your organization. Often organizations hold “strategic planning” sessions annually to align the team heading into a new year of challenges, but without dedicated resources, aligned communications, and a commitment to measuring the outputs of the plan those annual efforts become little more than team building gatherings.

Succeed Sooner has experience across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations in building strategic innovation into the culture and fabric of your organization. We work with you to assess your current organizational capabilities, help you define an ongoing managed approach to strategic alignment and innovation, and then support the implementation and execution of your new approach including ongoing maintenance and improvement of your strategic innovation program. Our work includes:

  • Ideation and idea management programs
  • Integrated strategic planning and execution programs
  • Innovation portfolio planning and execution programs
  • Strategic alignment and growth planning programs
  • Product and service design and development programs
  • Implementation of organizational Innovation Design programs

Our approach brings rigor and structure to the strategic innovation process and creates measurable outputs that enable future decisions and growth in your organization. Our engagements aren’t focused on “consulting outputs” and whitepapers, but rather are focused on delivering outcomes in your business, and we structure our engagements to suit the specific needs and capacity of your organization and leadership team.

Our innovation framework is based on leading research layered with years of real world experience. We can adapt and tailor our framework to suit the culture of your organization and support you through the implementation of your new innovation practice. Our approach is designed to transfer knowledge, experience, and skills to your team throughout the process so that when we are finished you are ready to scale and grow without our involvement.

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Technology Development and Implementation Services

Implementation or development of new technologies requires strong project fundamentals, a strong understanding of the business challenges to be solves (jobs to be done), and a common view of the approach to implementation. Our project leaders have implemented extremely large scale technology programs (>$100 million) including integration of vendor software solutions, custom software development, and new and emerging technologies. Our programs have included:

  • Vendor and product selection
  • Software development and integration
  • Hardware development and integration
  • Systems development and integration

Our program approach includes assessment of your current challenges, development of solutions and solution approaches, vendor selection and contract management, system integration and delivery, and program and project management services throughout the implementation. Every step of the way you will have clear line of sight as to project progress, support for issue resolution, and overall management of your project success.

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Business Management and Leadership Services

Leveraging our business management model we provide assessment of your organizational health, foundational business capabilities, and leadership and people capabilities and leverage those assessments to support process and productivity improvements, standardization and documentation of operations to achieve regulatory compliance or standards certifications, and transformational management in support of your Innovative or Strategic planning improvements. Our engagements may cover:

  • Lean process improvements and productivity programs
  • Standards based implementation and regulatory reviews
  • Transformation program leadership and change management
  • Leadership assessments, coaching, and ongoing training
  • Interim and external management solutions (COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CEO)

In addition to support through the assessment, planning, and execution of your business improvement initiatives, we can provide interim and provisional leadership to support transformational changes within the organization and drive implementation of improvements to core business processes. In addition we provide leadership and team development, coaching, and training services which can improve your organizational capabilities on a long term basis and provide strong employee engagement during organizational change.

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